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Layout of site

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Layout of site

Post by Senjina on Mon Mar 17, 2014 11:37 pm

Here is the layout of the site an i will try to update often.

Bold - Categories *Explains what will be in that area
Italics - Forums

General Area - includes general stuff that you need to know
Information - important information is located here
Announcements - this is where announcements will go when needed
Suggestions/requests - You can post suggestions by making a topic and make requests
EFA board - If you are going to be away for a while post your reason here.

Character Profiles - this is where you post your profiles
Cougar Profiles - Cougar profiles go here in a new topic.
Wolf Profiles - Wolf profiles go here in a new topic

*New locations to be added
Cougar Territory* - This is where Cougars mainly roleplay but they can go elsewhere
Forest Den - This is one of the locations. you make a new topic here or join a existing one

Boarder Lands* - All can roleplay here
Mystic River - a neutral area. make a new topic or join one

Moonstone Pack Territory* - The moonstone pack territory
Mountain Den - Main den for this pack

Sinister valleys pack Territory* - This packs territory
Shady Den - Main den for the pack
Misty Lake - another area for the pack

Silent whispers pack Territory* - This packs territory
Hollow Den - Main den for the pack

OOC - Place where you can post out of character'
Lulzy chatbox - post funny conversations here that happen in the main chatbox

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